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HA Shared store does not show passive backup nodes at all


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    • AMQ 7.1.0.GA
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      As far as I understand how HA Shared-Store works, it seems to me, that the important bit about passive backups is missing to clearly see the whole picture of deployed topology.

      For example, I have 1 master, and 2 slave brokers in an HA Shared store.
      If I ask for currently known topology master, it will only give information about active slave it has. While the 2nd passive backup slave is completely unknown.

      Also, this 2nd passive slave does not have any information about topology and just sits until he can start to be an active slave.

      Ideally this should be propagated via hawtio console diagram (for example as a gray node in diagram connected to live master/broker) and somehow in topology jolokia query as well.

            rh-ee-ataylor Andy Taylor
            mtoth@redhat.com Michal Toth
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