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Support camel-jms options that doesn't work because of EAP's pooledConnectionFactory



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      The certified way, how to connect to external AMQ-7 with Fuse on EAP is documented in Configure Messaging Doc. Because, we are using JCA resource adapter inside Java EE, there are several limitations that imply. I found out several issues, that does not work when using camel-jms + eap's artemis resource adapter 1.5 + external AMQ-7. Those issues can be found in Issue Links section.

      This test worked before in FUSE on EAP 6.3, because we were testing them against embedded HornetQ and we used other connectionFactory provided by EAP server java:/ConnectionFactory.

      Can I instantiate my own connectionFactory?
      If yes, we need to document that these options/scenarios don't work with the pooledConnectionFactory. We can even identify even more options/scenarios that don't work with the JCA and resource adapter. Anyone with greater knowledge of JCA.

      The issue only concerns camel-jms,camel-sjms component. In camel-amqp,camel-mqtt, you instantiate your own amqp connectionFactory, becuase EAP doesn't support amqp connectionFactory.

      The same problem will also occur in activemq-camel, because we will use again resource adapter to connect to external AMQ-6.3.


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