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camel-avro in Fabric8 containers does not re-initialize correctly after profile-refresh


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    • fuse-7.0
    • jboss-fuse-6.2.1
    • Camel, Fabric8 v1
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      Please see private notes

      Please see private notes

      An application uses camel-avro to deserialize objects in Apache Avro format. The application is an OSGi bundle, specified along with all its dependencies in a Fabric8 profile.

      When the application is modified by the developers, it is pushed to a repository, followed by profile-update to bring the changes into the fabric container. Although all the necessary bundles appear to refresh, in fact Avro is left in a peculiar state. and API calls that ought to return data return nulls. To recover, it is necessary explicitly to refresh the avro and avro-ipc bundles, along with the application bundle.

      It seems that a profile-update leaves the Avro runtime in a peculiar state.

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