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Camel SAP component ignores some IDOC fields


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      You can find sample camel project in the attachment. It is very simple application – it just starts IDOC list server to receives custom IDOCs - ZLOIPRO02 in my case. IDOCs are then printed to the log. All works as expected, IDOCs are received but all non-string fields are missing.

      Concrete details:
      · IDOC definition of the field: ZLOIPRO02/segment E1AFKOL/field BMENGE
      o Type of the field is QUAN (decimal number)
      · IDocUtil.extractIDocSegmentIntoSegment
      o I see the field BMENGE with correct value of java type BigDecimal in the IDocSegment
      o IDocSegment is transformed to Segment
      o Value set to the Segment is NULL

      Printed XML (field BMENGE is missing):

      <idoc:DocumentList xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:LOIPRO02-ZLOIPRO02--="http://sap.fusesource.org/idoc/AE2/LOIPRO02/ZLOIPRO02//" xmlns:idoc="http://sap.fusesource.org/idoc">
      <document archiveKey="" client="800" creationDate="2016-06-08T00:00:00.000+0200" creationTime="1970-01-01T08:58:50.000+0100" direction="1" EDIMessage="" EDIMessageGroup="" EDIMessageType="" EDIStandardFlag="" EDIStandardVersion="" EDITransmissionFile="" iDocNumber="0000000001064765" iDocSAPRelease="731" iDocType="LOIPRO02" iDocTypeExtension="ZLOIPRO02" messageCode="" messageFunction="" messageType="LOIPRO" outputMode="2" recipientAddress="" recipientLogicalAddress="" recipientPartnerFunction="" recipientPartnerNumber="EMANS4" recipientPartnerType="LS" recipientPort="A000000059" senderAddress="" senderLogicalAddress="" senderPartnerFunction="" senderPartnerNumber="T90CLNT090" senderPartnerType="LS" senderPort="SAPAE2" serialization="20160608065850390000" status="30" testFlag="">
      <rootSegment xsi:type="LOIPRO02-ZLOIPRO02--:ROOT" document="//@document.0">
      <segmentChildren parent="//@document.0/@rootSegment">
      <E1AFKOL parent="//@document.0/@rootSegment" document="//@document.0" AUFNR="100003192" APRIO="" AUART="ID01" AUTYP="10" BMEINS="PCE" CY_SEQNR="00000000000000" DISPO="101" FEVOR="101" FHORI="001" FLG_MLTPS="" FREIZ="005" GMEIN="PCE" MATNR="102-300" PLGRP="" PLNAL="1" PLNME="PCE" PLNNR="50000780" PLNTY="N" PSPEL="00000000" REDKZ="2" RGEKZ="" SBMEH="PCE" SICHZ="001" STLAL="1" STLAN="1" STLNR="00001640" TERKZ="2" VORGZ="002" WERKS="3000" MATNR_EXTERNAL="" MATNR_VERSION="" MATNR_GUID="" PRUEFLOS="000000000000" LTEXT="" STLTY="" KDAUF="" KDPOS="000000">

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