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For xpaa-qe test cases tests are failing with causing java.lang.NoSuchFieldError Companion


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      Version: 7.12.1
      Build number: AR15
      Test name: xpaas-qe

      Jenkins job:
      Current profile(using jdk17): https://bankingplays-qe-jenkins-csb-pz.apps.ocp-c1.prod.psi.redhat.com/job/manual-fuse/job/fuse-spring-boot-2/987/
      Previous profile(using jdk11): https://bankingplays-qe-jenkins-csb-pz.apps.ocp-c1.prod.psi.redhat.com/job/manual-fuse/job/fuse-spring-boot-2/986/parameters/
      Observing quite a lot of errors on both profiles using jdk11 & jdk17, around 17 test failures for each job.

      Note: Above test failures are not observed for AR13 builds, observing for AR14  & AR15 builds.

      Kindly let us know if there are any steps  for solving above failures.

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