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Run DB certification tests with Fuse 7.12 AR14 on SpringBoot2


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      Automatic triggering of the job:

      • This jenkins-job should be launched automatically by our pipeline. Results of test-run are loaded into polarion .
        All relevant parameters are loaded automatically from UMB message. Explanation of fields (with example value):
      • GIT_BRANCH (master), refers to git branch of https://gitlab.cee.redhat.com/jboss-fuse-qe/jbossqe-camel-it
      • GIT_BRANCH_JJ (master), refers to git branch of https://gitlab.cee.redhat.com/jboss-fuse-qe/jenkins-jobs
      • JOB_MVN_PROPERTIES (version.camel=2.23.2.fuse-7_10_0-00020-redhat-00001,version.redhat.fuse=7.10.0.fuse-sb2-7_10_0-00014-redhat-00001,version.springboot=2.3.12.RELEASE)
      • VERSION_REDHAT_FUSE (7.10.0.fuse-sb2-7_10_0-00014-redhat-00001), Red Hat Fuse build version, see also curator artifact 'redhat'
        This checkbox area is automatically selected via pairwise algorithm note-1. However, if you need to try other combinations - feel free to check/uncheck any combination.
        note-1: For further info, see pairwise project. There you could specify configurations of OS, PLATFORM, JOB_DB, jdk in models/database.txt file. Results (located in build/results/matrix_filter.groovy) are applicable for all database jobs (eap, karaf, and springboot2). To update jenkins-jobs matrix, the content of that groovy file has to be copied to ci-ops-fuse project in resources/matrix-filters/database.groovy)

      Manual triggering of the job:

      • Run the jenkins-job with appropriate parameter values, e.g. see above (defaults).

      Manual run on local machine:

      • way A
      • 1) on your local, run 'export JIRA_ACCESS_TOKEN=xyz'
      • 2) in dbAllocator , allocate a database (e.g. Postgres). Otherwise, in-memory H2 database is used as default.
      • 3) Execute on jbossqe-camel-it project:
        mvn clean install -Pspring-boot -pl :database-integration-parent \
        -Ddb=postgres -Ddb.username=dballo10 -Ddb.password=dballo10 \
        -Ddb.jdbc_url="jdbc:postgresql://db20.mw.lab.eng.bos.redhat.com:5432/dballo10" \
        -Ddb.driver=org.postgresql.Driver -am -amd -fae

        way B

      • 1) on your local, run 'export JIRA_ACCESS_TOKEN=xyz'
      • 2) clone jenkins-jobs (either 7.10.x or master)
      • 3) 'cp src/main/resources/env.properties_template src/main/resources/env.properties' and update env.properties
      • 4) to the location specified in 'workspace' properties of env.properties download jbossqe-camel-it ,
        default is current folder.
      • 5) in jenkins-jobs folder run:
        mvn clean install exec:java -Dexec.arguments=database-camel-spring-boot-2 -DuseAlias \
        -Dconfig=jobs -Djob.db=postgres125

        if you want to test against postgres125, all options for testing are specified in /src/main/resources/databases.yaml

      Successful tests: All tests should be OK.

      Failing tests:

      Unstable/Flaky tests:

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