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Test Fuse Console OperatorHub with Fuse 7.11 AR26 on a Z Openshift 4.x


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      Fuse Console OperatorHub written by QE can be found here - link
      It contains OperatorHub introduction, how to test operators, test cases and other important information.
      It is recommended to deploy quickstart from jbossqe-fuse repository (simply comment the deployment of the Fuse Console and run the tests for ocp-c1) and then deploy Fuse Console from OperatorHub manually.

      Automation is still under development. Partially, it's implemented but without test cases.

      Steps how to deploy the testing version of the operator to the OCP (the operator is not released yet, so it is not there) - link

      Do not forget to clean OCP after tests:

      • oc delete hawtio fuse-console
      • oc delete crd hawtios.hawt.io
      • oc delete deployment/fuse-console-operator

      If it got stuck:

      • oc edit hawtio fuse-console and delete two lines with finalizers

      Note: where to find out images version:
      look at latest build on https://fuse-7x-jenkins-csb-fuse-qe.apps.ocp-c1.prod.psi.redhat.com/job/fuse-7.10-pipeline-umb-trigger/ which has the correspondend build (see parameters).
      Once identified in the umb look for:

      • fuse-console-openshift-rhel-8
      • fuse-console-rhel-8-operator-metadata
      • fuse-console-rhel-8-operator

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