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Update all productized xml examples to use a correct xsd


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      it is affecting all versions of Fuse.

      The xsd used in examples is pointing to the "latest". This is the case for a long time (always?) It was working not too bad as there wasn't incompatible change made in community xsd. Unfortunately, 3.x Camel release introduced incompatible changes (which are really valid). The "latest" xsd has been updated to the 3.x branch. It implies that when opening the file in any editor that have xsd validation, there are good chance that there will be false-positive errors reported.

      The solution is to point to the correct xsd correspondign to the version used in the project. Either we can use the camel community one as mentione din workaround description or we publish a specific version for each productized version and point to it.

      It might hit a lot of customers.

      known affected xml elements:

            rnetuka@redhat.com Radovan Netuka
            apupier@redhat.com Aurélien Pupier
            Branislav Smolicek Branislav Smolicek
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