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Fuse Online 7.9 Dependencies alignment


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      Update dependencies, see doc.

      The dependencies to be upgraded are in bold.

        Current version Align to version
      Spring-boot 2.3.4.RELEASE 2.3.9.RELEASE
      Activemq-client 5.15.14 5.11.0.redhat-630495
      Qpid-jms-client 0.51.0 0.54.0.redhat-00001
      proton-j 0.33.6.redhat-00001 0.33.6.redhat-00001
      Kafka-client 2.5.0 2.5.0.redhat-00003
      camel 2.23.2 2.23.2
      cxf 3.3.6.fuse-780018 3.3.6.fuse-790037
      Hibernate-validator 6.0.20.Final 6.0.20.Final
      undertow 2.0.30.Final 2.2.5.Final
      tomcat 9.0.21 9.0.36.redhat-00010
      netty 4.1.48.Final 4.1.63.Final-redhat-00001
      jetty 9.4.30.v20200611 9.4.40.v20210413
      Fabric8 Maven Plugin 4.2.0 3.5.42
      Spring-framework 5.2.9.RELEASE 5.2.13
      Spring-security 5.3.3.RELEASE 5.3.8


      Activemq-client and fabric8 maven plugin are not going to downgrade as it will bring more problems.

      There is a comment on fuse alignment document "Karaf and Spring Boot (org.hibernate) 6.0.20.Final-redhat-00001 - stays at this version, because that's what CXF expects (Validation API 2.0)", so we are not upgrading it.

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