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Default CR options should be consistent and user-friendly



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      I propose that we review the settings in the Fuse Online default CR that is displayed to customers when they install Fuse Online by using the operator.

      For example, starting with Fuse Online 7.9, the ‘demoData’ option specifies whether or not to include the sample Postgres DB and connector. This option is not listed in the default CR at all.

      Zoran provided this summary:
      demoData is optional, if it's not present it will not show up in the Syndesis custom resources, so not in the OpenShift Console or when fetching it from the command line via oc, being backed by a bool it'll be either nil (not present) or false if explicitly not set to true; if I understand correctly the template that we use to render resources needed, that also handles adding demo data configuration to the database DeploymentConfig will not add the demo data unless it is explicitly set to true, so in cases if its not present (nil) or in case where it is explicitly set to false demo data will not show up

      I think it's a good default to have it turned off, and only when set by the customer to true to have the demo data loaded in the database

      otherwise you might end up in production with demo data turned on, which is not a big issue, but still it's production so we don't want customers to have anything there that is not either added by them or required to operate…

      This all makes technical sense but is not very user friendly - specifically because the related todo app addon option is included in the default CR (set to false). 

      It would seem to make more sense if these two options were consistent - either both shown in the CR or both not shown.

      This is not the first time that I have been confused by what options are/are not  included in the default CR. There are security concerns and probably a desire to keep it simple. I’d like to see a version of the CR that has all options and their default values. Maybe this already exists and is available to customers?

      Maybe all that is needed is a better description in the documentation. I’d like to understand the default CR and what customers should expect from it. I would like input from the QE and UXD teams, as well as dev and product management. 


      Thank you.


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