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Include Artemis plugin in Fuse Console



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      Several customers have raised the requirement to see a view all their AMQ 7 brokers running on OpenShift within the same UI.

      This can be achieved by upgrading the Artemis plugin to HawtIO V2 (which is already in progress) and then including this plugin with the Fuse console.

      [Supported Use cases]

      This enhancement is to bundle Artemis plugin into Fuse console on OpenShift. Once it's done, when you have deployed an AMQ broker on OpenShift you'll see Artemis tab in Fuse console as follows (the logo in the top bar will be different from the image):

      [Limitations/Out of scope]


      [Proposed test scenarios]

      • Check Artemis tab is present
      • Check brokers are running and the data is correct

      NOTE: Until ENTMQBR-3870 becomes available, use artemis-jolokia-docker for testing. See its README for how to use the broker image.

      [Summary of current status]

      Currently we depend on 2 AMQ issues:

      1. ENTMQBR-3871 – the only hard dependency to AMQ. As an interim step we use a community version artemis-plugin-npm 0.1.4 to move on, but ideally we should use a productised version of it;
      2. ENTMQBR-3870 – not necessary for productising Fuse 7.8, but without it there will be no AMQ broker images that are available from Fuse console for users.


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