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OperatorHub overview doesn't contain information about all addons


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      OperatorHub overview doesn't contain all addons (e.g. DV or PublicApi).

      We can add there desired information or refer the users to the documentation ( https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_fuse/7.6/html-single/installing_and_operating_fuse_online_on_openshift_container_platform/index#descriptions-of-custom-resource-attributes-that-configure-fuse-online_install ? ).

      Also, once this issue (ENTESB-13272) will be resolved, it needs to update information about linking Jaeger-operator pod (move it from the bottom to the installation section). When the Jaeger addon is enabled, it needs to do it right after installation because the jaeger-pod never reaches the running state (as do it install script).

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