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Operator doesn't react on changes in Syndesis CR


      When I update the Syndesis CR (oc edit syndesis) and enable any addon, nothing happens (e.g. for PublicAPI addon, the PublicAPI oauth proxy should be created). The operator contains the following error:

      {"level":"error","ts":1582792837.9483662,"logger":"controller","msg":"Error reconciling","action":"*action.installAction","phase":"Installing","error":"Operation cannot be fulfilled on syndesises.syndesis.io \"app\": the object has been modified; please apply your changes to the latest version and try again"

      The full operator log is in the attachments. This happens from version 1.9.1-20200226 , version 1.9.1-20200224 works correctly and after updating the Syndesis CR, the operator does appropriate changes.

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