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Update release number in links from Fuse Online console to customer portal


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      This file contains the Syndesis release number that is pulled into links from the Fuse Online console to documents on the customer portal:


      For the 7.6 release, this file needs to be updated to contain:


      { "name": "Syndesis", "version": "7.6" }


      Right now, on the staging site, the links available from the help icon in the upper right go to the 7.4 documents on the customer portal. These links should go to 7.5 documents, and on master, the shared-translations.en.json file does specify "version": "7.5". So there's a problem somewhere or more likely something going on that I don't understand.

      Ideally, for the staging site, the links would not be updated to the newest release number until those documents are published on the customer portal. If the staging site links are updated before the doc is published then the links from staging will be broken.

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