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Sort out upgrade cases related to postgres


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      Heiko Braun will the postgres upgrade be handled as part of the upgrade process for 7.6? I don't know if we have an issue for that and we should not forget about it.

      There are two important things to keep in mind:
      1. someone who installed 7.5.0 from scratch (thus using 9.6 postgres) should not upgrade to 7.5.1 (that will bring postgres 9.5 back and he will be in the exact same situation) - his installation will therefore use 9.6 postgres
      2. someone who is upgrading from older versions should skip 7.5.0 (9.5 vs 9.6 postgres) and should upgrade to 7.5.1 instead (so that it will still use the 9.5 postgres) - his installation will use 9.5 postgres.

      Now when they will want to upgrade to 7.6, it looks like we will need to handle both scenarios.\

      Problem Matrix: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bSJLvTHiJL5dyC86sJ6FGizu9qWXwaYj1fuSD8-YpFs/edit?usp=sharing

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