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Error message on deploying war with spring-ws-core on Fuse over EAP


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    • fuse-7.6-CR3
    • fuse-7.5-GA
    • Fuse EAP
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      • Install Fuse 7.5 over EAP 7.2.4
      • unzip reproducer zip attached, and mvn clean and package
      • copy war in target/ to EAP install directory

      Deploying a simple example that contains both a Camel Spring XML DSL route, and org.springframework.ws.* classes from spring-ws-core, results in an runtime exception

      Unable to locate Spring NamespaceHandler for XML schema namespace http://camel.apache.org/schema/spring

      Attached reproducer. Once you delete all definitions from org.springframework.ws.*, and delete this dependency


      the route runs fine

      I read following notes, and I am aware of the incompatibilities issues between Spring-ws and EAP 7.x, but customer wants to know if there are alternatives other than a "fat war" approach:

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