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[Operator] Some configuration cant be changed from its default value


      After the operator refactor in master branch, following configuration can't be changed and it is imho necessary to be configurable:

      If I understand it correctly, only the mavenRepositories can be changed in server features according to: https://github.com/syndesisio/syndesis/blob/master/install/operator/pkg/apis/syndesis/v1alpha1/syndesis_types.go#L124-L126

      That means that following configuration can't be changed

      .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.ManagementUrlFor3scale - default value "" - needed for 3scale integration
      .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.IntegrationStateCheckInterval - default value 60 - in slow openshift environments it is too short and can cause infinite redeployments of integrations
      .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.IntegrationLimit - default value 0 (no limit) - It may be worth for evaluation purposes to tweak this value?
      .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.DeployIntegrations - default value true - same as above
      .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.DemoData - default false - this can be potentially useful, depends on the resolution of ENTESB-12104

      Also the .Syndesis.Components.Server.Features.OpenShiftMaster can't be configured, but I don't know what is it used for (see ENTESB-12166)

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