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Rethink import/export with secrets


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      (Migrated from https://github.com/syndesisio/syndesis/issues/3423)

      Author: Zoran Regvart
      Assignees: unassigned

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      We're recurringly stumbling with managing imports/exports of integrations containing secrets (e.g. passwords for database connection). Perhaps we should rethink our approach. Perhaps it would be better to prompt the user for export password and re-encrypt the secret content with that export password that'll also be needed when importing the integration.

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      No more reports like #3404 #2603 #2602 #2585


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      1. On export prompt for a password, decrypt secrets with instance key and re-encrypt with given password
      2. On import prompt for a password, decrypt secrets with given password and re-encrypt with instance key


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