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Validate reconnecting Twitter OAuth connection shows "Could not authenticate you."


    • Fuse 7.5 Sprint 53 - Blockers

      (Migrated from https://github.com/syndesisio/syndesis/issues/6057)

      Author: Matej Králik
      Assignees: Claudio Miranda,

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      Validation Twitter connection shows "Could not authenticate you." after reconnecting (due to new Consumer API keys.). When I refresh the page, the validation is successful.


      Step to reproduce:

      • Go to the Settings -> Twitter and fill in Consumer API Key and Consumer API Secret Key.
      • Go to the Connections -> Create Connection -> Twitter -> Click on Connect Twitter and fill in user name and password
      • Go to the https://developer.twitter.com/en/apps/ and regenerate Consumer API keys
      • Go to the Settings -> Twitter and update values to the newly generated keys and click on Save
      • Go to the Connections -> Twitter and click on Reconnect
      • Click on Validate button. The dialog "Could not authenticate you" is shown.
      • Refresh the page and click on Validation button again.

      Described also in #5763

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