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Unable to set custom AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT value


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    • 2.4.0.CR1
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      The AuthenticationTimeoutSaslServerFactory must be outside of the AuthenticationCompleteCallbackSaslServerFactory and the AuthenticationCompleteCallbackSaslServerFactory must be outside of all the other Sasl Server Factories. For the case where the SaslAuthenticationFactory.Builder is being used to set the factory and the factory delegates to a PropertiesSaslServerFactory with the AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT property set to a custom value, this custom value is currently being ignored. The AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT property is checked in AuthenticationTimeoutSaslServerFactory#createSaslServer and set to the default if no property has been set. Thus, the AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT property is set to the default before the PropertiesSaslServerFactory sets the properties and users cannot set a custom AUTHENTICATION_TIMEOUT.

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