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wrong column order using xls2dmn (Excel to DMN utility)


      I am using the tool to generate a .dmn file from the command line (linux):

      $ java -jar kie-dmn-xls2dmn-cli-8.29.0.Final.jar ChScreening.xlsx
      Using inputFile: /home/han/git/rivm/nhs/screening-business/src/main/resources/nhs-dmn/ChScreening.xlsx
      Using outputFile: /home/han/git/rivm/nhs/screening-business/src/main/resources/nhs-dmn/ChScreening.xlsx.dmn
      ERROR StatusLogger Log4j2 could not find a logging implementation. Please add log4j-core to the classpath. Using SimpleLogger to log to the console...
      INFO  Sheets have been indexed as:
      INFO  isAfwijkend=DTHeaderInfo [hIndex=4, original=[isPrematuur, T4, TSH, TBG, isAfwijkend], requiredDecision=[isPrematuur], requiredInput=[T4, TSH, TBG], sheetName=isAfwijkend]
      INFO  Actiecode=DTHeaderInfo [hIndex=4, original=[isAfwijkend, isDubieus, TeVroegGeprikt, BTNavraagNodig, Actiecode], requiredDecision=[isAfwijkend, isDubieus], requiredInput=[TeVroegGeprikt, BTNavraagNodig], sheetName=Actiecode]
      INFO  isDubieus=DTHeaderInfo [hIndex=5, original=[isPrematuur, T4, TSH, TBG, T4/TBG, isDubieus], requiredDecision=[isPrematuur], requiredInput=[T4, TSH, TBG, T4/TBG], sheetName=isDubieus]
      INFO  isPrematuur=DTHeaderInfo [hIndex=3, original=[AfnametermijnPrematuur, Zwangerschapsduur, Geboortegewicht, isPrematuur], requiredDecision=[], requiredInput=[AfnametermijnPrematuur, Zwangerschapsduur, Geboortegewicht], sheetName=isPrematuur] 

      Except for the message that I have no logging implementation, all seems ok. 

      However, the columns are in the wrong order. This is the original table in the .xlsx file:

      , and here  is the resulting table:

      As you can see the content cells are transformed OK, however, the headers are messed up.

      For diagnosis, I also added the .xlsx file as an attachment: ChScreening.zip

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