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NotSerializableException when creating Test Scenario for DMN model with PMML in Business Central


    • 2021 Week 37-39 (from Sep 13)
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      1. unzip dmn.zip
      2. open BC
      3. import the project using URL file:///path/to/unzipped/dmn
      4. Click add asset
      5. Test Scenario
      6. Select air-conditioning-control.dmn
      7. Click ok - that's when error appears.
      unzip dmn.zip open BC import the project using URL file:///path/to/unzipped/dmn Click add asset Test Scenario Select air-conditioning-control.dmn Click ok - that's when error appears.
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      For a project with a DMN model that uses PMML model internally, when users in Business Central create a new Test Scenario and select that particular DMN file, the following exception occurs (and is presented in an error dialog in BC):

      2021-09-24 09:58:52,918 ERROR [org.guvnor.common.services.backend.exceptions.ExceptionUtilities] (default task-11) Exception thrown: java.io.NotSerializableException: org.kie.pmml.commons.model.predicates.KiePMMLCompoundPredicate$Builder$$Lambda$2709/0x0000000102d7ec40: java.lang.RuntimeException: java.io.NotSerializableException: org.kie.pmml.commons.model.predicates.KiePMMLCompoundPredicate$Builder$$Lambda$2709/0x0000000102d7ec40

      Full exception stacktrace attached.

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