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Data Objects with Map fields


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      I am trying to figure out Drools Workbench, so I have a question.

      I try to create a data object with a 'java.util.Map' field. I can see, that the UI give me the possibility to create the 'List' field, but I can't create the 'Map' field by the UI. I can create the 'Map' field myself in the 'Source' tab. I also create getters and setters for this field. In this case this Map field ain't in the 'Model' tab. But ok, let's go next.

      Next I create a simple test scenario. I put the Map field into the 'Given' part (the UI has corresponding forms for this). When I start the test, I get an error:

      #1: (org.drools.workbench.screens.scenariosimulation.backend.server.runner.AbstractScenarioRunner) : #1: Unexpected test error in scenario ''

      If I test fields of another types everything is ok.

      I attached the reproducer to this issue. CB_temp02.zip 


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