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Revisit Kie/Drools maven archetype



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      Motivation: currently the only 1 available Kie maven archetype for Drools shows sign of age.

      Goals: reconsidering the following aspects:

      • contains only a mirror test (generated folder/file structure) but doesn't actually "use" the generated project so if it breaks we don't know. Potentially add a maven invoker test in droolsjbpm-integration to check it.
      • License header: do as Camel / Quarkus do, the end result, the user files, do NOT contain a Red Hat license header. Can be resolved by template engine comment like Camel team did.
      • the current Drools unit test is not very significative, always check that "type==color" maybe add some Measurement not of type color to get the test more significative
      • could be worthy to add a .gitignore since the archetype do not supply one OOTB, especially for the kie-kjar-archetype
      • currently Stateful Vs CEP test is governed by variable during archetype generation. Experience shows this is overlooked. It is best to actually separate this into 2 separate Archetypes.
      • currently defines Eclipse IDE exclusion in the generated pom.xml, maybe just easier to:
        • always generate it
        • bring that into the kie-maven-plugin, albeit it may require providing the xml file manually. Here it could be worthy to check how Quarkus team resolved this issue

      Impacts: archetypes are directly used by end-users when creating a project, but IIRC there is no mention in the Docs (for "v7x series" / Kie)

      /cc lmolteni@redhat.comdanielezonca




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