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[Test Scenario Editor] Display actual test results instead of a generic message


    • 2020 Week 52-03 (from Dec 21), 2021 Week 04-06 (from Jan 25), 2021 Week 07-09 (from Feb 15)
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      In the second row, in the attached test scenario execution result, it gives an error on the List(3) value.
      When I hover over it, I don’t get to see the values of the list, generated by the test scenario, but only this generic message:
      "Error message: Impossible to find elements in the collection to satisfy the conditions"
      It would be handy to see, as, with single values, the list of the actual values generated so that I can compare them with my list of expected values. Now, the user doesn’t have a clue where to look.

            yamer@redhat.com Yeser Amer
            yamer@redhat.com Yeser Amer
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