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Test Scenario DMN included models decision support


    • 2021 Week 10-12 (from Mar 8), 2021 Week 13-15 (from Mar 29)
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      Test scenario does not currently fully support DMN models with included DMN model.

      Currently just Data types are correctly included, but issue is with Decisions. When running a test scenario where such imported decision is referenced in the decision being tested it results in SKIPPED evaluation of the decision and similar log entry:

      12:27:45,784 ERROR [org.kie.dmn.core.impl.DMNRuntimeImpl] (default task-20) Required dependency 'input-a' not found on node 'LessThanZero'
      12:27:45,784 ERROR [org.kie.dmn.core.impl.DMNRuntimeImpl] (default task-20) Unable to evaluate decision 'NotLessThanZero' as it depends on decision 'a.LessThanZero'

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