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Move test cases from drools-mvel to drools-test-coverage : 1st round


    • 2020 Week 43-45 (from Okt 19), 2020 Week 46-48 (from Nov 9)
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      Move test cases from drools-compiler drools-mvel to drools-test-coverage/test-compiler-integration so that we can increase the test coverage for executable-model.

      At the moment, I'm not yet sure how many of the test cases can be moved. Basically DRL based test only.

      This JIRA is "1st round" so moves only tests which can be easily adapted to drools-test-coverage infrastructure (KieBaseUtil, KieUtil).

      Luca noted:
      > there are some tests in -compiler that are not supported in the model compiler (I'm thinking about all the ASM/type generation related). That should be left in -compiler and hopefully moved outside like the traits

      If we find test failures by executable-model, we would spawn new JIRAs to deal with them one-by-one.

      NOTE: Most of drools-compiler test cases have been moved to drools-mvel

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