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DMN Editor/Test Scenarios design requirements (dev/UX)


    • DMN Editor/Test Scenarios design requirements (dev/UX)
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      User story: As a user of this feature I want a consistent user experience so I can move seamlessly between editors and product features.

      Table/grid visual styling:

      • align with DMN and GDT. Refer to related epic: DROOLS-2942 - the only unresolved applicable issue seems to be DROOLS-3390
      • resolve table width issue.  needs clarification
      • provide Table edit dropdown control. needs clarification

      Docks/panels: track enhancements with known issues in workbench, see linked jiras.

      Contextual menus & pop-overs - verify cross product-feature alignment where applicable.
      Working documented at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lHQ1mvmzQcgWbxwkBobIXb9mV6uM3RLbEll8-OHLAFc/edit#heading=h.xi9d8cokx5mq

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