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[DMN Designer] Data-types: Grid: LiteralExpression



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    • 7.10.0.Final
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      Literal Expression

      • Grid header could show Output Data Type
      • Editing Output Data Type is possible via Properties panel
      • Update header when Output Data Type is changed via Properties panel

      Manual acceptance test

      • Resizing
      • Ctrl+C, Ctrl+v
      • Default Data Type for literal expression
      • Selecting itemDefinition
      • Long name of data type
        • Column Width is not adapted automatically nor Data Type name is abbreviated, do we want to address somehow in future?
        • [manstis] We could resize the column based on the Data Type name; feel free to open a (minor) JIRA and etirelli can comment.
      • Used in levels of context grid
        • Should be the data type shown anytime or just if literal expression is top level context entry?
        • [manstis] For LiteralExpression only when top-level. ContextEntry will have a similar editor when https://issues.jboss.org/browse/DROOLS-2796 is complete.
      • Changing data type in graph node
      • Changing data type in properties panel
      • Building project
        • Should the deployment fail if I have literal expression of type number but inside string constant like: "string constant"?
        • [manstis] Validation will be performed when saved/validated and errors appear in the Message Console. How validation is supported is, IIRC, a JIRA somewhere already.
      • Undo / Redo


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