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VitessConnectorIT.shouldTaskFailIfColumnNameInvalid fails


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      VitessConnectorIT.shouldTaskFailIfColumnNameInvalid has a callback which throws exception is when connector is shut down. The purpose is to check if the connector is still running after hitting invalid column name. However, the same test also calls stopConnector() which results into calling this callback and thus test failure.

      It seems that in some case the failure is ignored (e.g. when run in mutiple threads as JUnit doesn't see exception thrown in different thread other than main thread) and possibly also when run only in thread (I wasn't able to reproduce this scenario).

      However, the test seems to be wrong as there doesn't do be way how to reliable distinguish regular shutdown at the end of the test from the shutdown caused by wrong column name.

            vjuranek@redhat.com Vojtech Juranek
            vjuranek@redhat.com Vojtech Juranek
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