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Debezium-MySQL not filtering AWS RDS internal events


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      I'm running Debezium Server 2.4.0 on an AWS ECS cluster for getting CDC from a MariaDB/MySQL database. The RDS seem to have internal events which are being written to binlog files as statements and it is messing up the logs, they look like this:


      "SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR INSERT INTO mysql.rds_heartbeat2(id, value) values (1,1692866524004) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE value = 1692866524004"

      "SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = 'innodb_txn_key'"
      I found another bugs related to this -  DBZ-469, DBZ-1492, DBZ-2275 -  and the error now seems to be caused by the first part of the statement (SET STATEMENT).
      To solve this, I think that the best way is to add a new line on the DDL_FILTER variable.

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