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MySQL DDL parser - REPEAT function not accepted


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      Bug report

      For bug reports, provide this information, please:

      What Debezium connector do you use and what version?

      mysql-connector 2.1.2.Final

      What is the connector configuration?

      Not relevant

      What is the captured database version and mode of depoyment?

      Google CloudSQL

      What behaviour do you expect?

      DDL/DML that uses the REPEAT function can be parsed.

      What behaviour do you see?

      io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed.

      Do you see the same behaviour using the latest relesead Debezium version?

      The issue is reproducible on the current main branch

      Do you have the connector logs, ideally from start till finish?


      How to reproduce the issue using our tutorial deployment?

      Add this SQL to debezium-ddl-parser/src/test/resources/mysql/examples/dml_select.sql:
      SELECT REPEAT('X',2);
      This is valid SQL, but the build will fail because it cannot be parsed.

      Implementation ideas

      Add REPEAT to the list of function names in scalarFunctionName in /debezium-ddl-parser/src/main/antlr4/io/debezium/ddl/parser/mysql/generated/MySqlParser.g4

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