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Base the "replaceable" build numbers in legacy deployment instructions on `debezium-build-number` attribute


      In the legacy deployment instructions, the step for creating a Dockerfile includes an example that contains the commands for retrieving, unzipping, and then removing the Debezium connector Maven build artifact.

      In the asciidoc source, although the version number for the artifact is specified by an attribute, the build number use italicized text in angle brackets to represent a "replaceable" version variable, for example,


      To provide users with a more usable example, instead, of using a variable to represent the build number, the example should make use of the existing debezium-build-number attribute that is used in the Streams-based instructions. 



      This change applies to the deployment documentation for all of the downstream connectors (Db2, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server).   

            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
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