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Address review feedback on downstream documentation


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      QE's technical review of the 2.1 downstream docs reported the following issues


      Deployment content:

      • Examples of kafkaConnect descriptors should make it explicit that only part of the configuration is shown.
      • Inconsistent use of connector and topic names. For example, in the steps for verifying that the Debezium connector is running, the connector and topic names differ from those in the deploying steps.


      Broken links

      In the preview documentation, it's expected that links to content that is external to a given section, that is links that are not constructed as simple xrefs, fail to resolve, because these links target content on the public production server. However, after investigating the problem, I determined that many of the broken links result from improper formatting. I did a comprehensive pass through the content to update link formatting for downstream compatibility.   

            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
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