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Fix broken link to Streams documentation in shared deployment files


      Because of restructuring in the Streams documentation, there's a broken link to the Streams build reference.] The link appears in the text for callout #4 in the Kafka Connect YAML example.

      The broken link is present in all three versions of the shared file in the documentation /partials folder:

      • ref-deploy-db2-kafka-connect-yaml.adoc
      • ref-deploy-oracle-kafka-connect-yaml.adoc
      • shared-deploy-kafka-connect-yaml.adoc

      The YAML example is used in in all of the deployment instructions in the User guide connector chapters, and in Installing Debezium on OpenShift.
      The target content was formerly present in the title Using Streams on OpenShift, which was last published in version 2.0.
      The content now appears in the title, Configuring Streams on OpenShift

      To support this change, a set of attributes is added downstream to represent the name and title of the new Streams guide.

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            broldan@redhat.com Robert Roldan
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