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Bugs in DB2 Connector


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      1) Wrong PreparedStatement parameters

      In https://github.com/debezium/debezium-connector-db2/blob/main/src/main/java/io/debezium/connector/db2/Db2Connection.java

      The GET_LIST_OF_KEY_COLUMNS sql requires 2 parameters

      • The TableSpaceId as the first parameter
      • The TableId as the second parameter


      When we read the getTableSchemaFromChangeTable at lines 370-371 we see:

      • It set the parameter 1 twice instead of 1 and 2
      • So, it didn't set the parameter 2


      2) The script asncdcaddremove.sql have a bug in the ADDTABLE function.

      The ADDTABLE function insert a row inside IBMSNAP_PRUNCNTL.

      For doing this, it compute the unique index having the column MAP_ID

      The MAP_ID is a VARCHAR column but the function try to handle it like an INT
      Actually, the value is computed like this:
         CAST(CAST(max(MAP_ID) AS INT) + 1 AS VARCHAR(10))


      The MAX function occurs directly on the VARCHAR column.

      After that, the max is converted to INT and incremented before to be recasted to VARCHAR.

      With a series of "1" , "2" , "3" , ... , "9" , "10"

      The max(MAP_ID) will return "9" in the VARCHAR ordering (maybe depend of collation).

      That means, the function will return "10" and we will have a "duplicate keys" since "10" already exist.


      I propose to execute the MAX function on the INT version of the MAP_ID for returning 10 in our example. After that we can increment it and recast it to VARCHAR for resulting "11"

         CAST( max( CAST( MAP_ID AS INT ) ) + 1 AS VARCHAR(10) ) 


      You can reproduce the problem when you try to add more than 9 tables


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