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PostgreSQL: Set Replica Identity when the connector starts


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      Which use case/requirement will be addressed by the proposed feature?

      Replica Identity is an essential setting to control the amount of information emitted on UPDATE and DELETE operations, having it set incorrectly can lead to data loss.

      The only option to configure REPLICA IDENTITY right now is to set it up manually or include it in a CD pipeline.

      The proposal is to rely on Debezium to set it up, based on a new property in the connector configuration.


      Link to Zulip conversation

      Implementation ideas (optional)

      • A new property called "replica.type" containing a structure like "<fully-qualified_tableName>:<type>" where <type> is "DEFAULT / NOTHING/ FULL / INDEX" and <fully-qualified_tableName>¬†tables must be included in <tables.include.list> property
      • We can add a method called "initReplicaIndentity" in PostgresReplicationConnection class to set that property in PostgreSQL. This method will check the value of the replica identity before applying any change
      • The new property will be optional in the connector configuration

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