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DDL statement couldn't be parsed


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    • 1.9.7.Final
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      In order to make your issue reports as actionable as possible, please provide the following information, depending on the issue type.

      Bug report

      For bug reports, provide this information, please:

      What Debezium connector do you use and what version?

      MySQL connector 1.9.7

      What is the connector configuration?


      What is the captured database version and mode of depoyment?

      MariaDb 10.5.17

      What behaviour do you expect?

      This following SQL statement to be parsable

      SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = 'innodb_txn_key

      What behaviour do you see?

      The following error message -

      2022-12-21T17:49:51.000+01:00    [Worker-0695175ab960e8f6f] io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed. Please open a Jira issue with the statement 'SET STATEMENT max_statement_time=60 FOR DELETE FROM mysql.rds_sysinfo where name = 'innodb_txn_key''

      Do you see the same behaviour using the latest relesead Debezium version?

      (Ideally, also verify with latest Alpha/Beta/CR version)

      Cannot upgrade in our environment.

      Do you have the connector logs, ideally from start till finish?

      (You might be asked later to provide DEBUG/TRACE level log)


      How to reproduce the issue using our tutorial deployment?


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