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Mysql Connector DDL Parser does not parse all privileges


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      What Debezium connector do you use and what version?

      debezium 1.9.1 version

      What is the connector configuration?

      "connector.class": "io.debezium.connector.mysql.MySqlConnector", 
      "snapshot.locking.mode": "none", 
      "message.key.columns": "", 
      "max.queue.size": "4096", 
      "database.history.kafka.topic": "history", 
      "decimal.handling.mode": "precise", 
      "poll.interval.ms": "1000", 
      "database.history.skip.unparseable.ddl": "false", 
      "value.converter": "org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter", 
      "key.converter": "org.apache.kafka.connect.json.JsonConverter", 
      "database.allowPublicKeyRetrieval": "true", 
      "database.user": "", 
      "producer.override.compression.type": "lz4", 
      "database.server.id": "", 
      "database.history.kafka.bootstrap.servers": "", 
      "database.server.name": "", 
      "database.port": "", 
      "key.converter.schemas.enable": "true", 
      "database.serverTimezone": "Asia/Seoul", 
      "database.hostname": "", 
      "database.password": "", 
      "value.converter.schemas.enable": "true", 
      "name": "mysql-cdc-source", 
      "table.include.list": "", 
      "max.batch.size": "1024", 
      "database.include.list": "", 
      "snapshot.mode": "schema_only_recovery" 

      What is the captured database version and mode of depoyment?

      (E.g. on-premises, with a specific cloud provider, etc.)

      mysql 8.0.25, linux server

      What behaviour do you see?

      The grant statement added to mysql8.0.23 is not valid and an error occurs with the ddl statement.

      Caused by: io.debezium.text.ParsingException: DDL statement couldn't be parsed. Please open a Jira issue with the statement 'GRANT FLUSH_OPTIMIZER_COSTS, FLUSH_STATUS, FLUSH_TABLES, FLUSH_USER_RESOURCES, PASSWORDLESS_USER_ADMIN ON . TO ''@''' no viable alternative at input 'GRANT FLUSH_OPTIMIZER_COSTS, FLUSH_STATUS, FLUSH_TABLES, FLUSH_USER_RESOURCES, PASSWORDLESS_USER_ADMIN'{}

      • FLUSH_OPTIMIZER_COSTS (added in MySQL 8.0.23)
      • FLUSH_STATUS (added in MySQL 8.0.23)
      • FLUSH_TABLES (added in MySQL 8.0.23)
      • FLUSH_USER_RESOURCES (added in MySQL 8.0.23)
      • PASSWORDLESS_USER_ADMIN (added in MySQL 8.0.27)

      Implementation ideas (optional)

      I think you can add those grant commands.

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