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DatabaseVersionResolver comparison logic skips tests unintendedly


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    • 1.9.0.Alpha1
    • 1.6.4.Final, 1.7.2.Final, 1.8.0.Final
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      The logic inside isLessThan skips tests unexpectedly.

      As an example, there are some tests around TruncateHandlingMode that requires PG 11. The test is annotated to be skipped if the database version is LESS_THAN PG11. I am running a PG 11.14.0 container but the test doesn't get executed because the logic inside the resolver incorrectly resolves the input values of {{ 11, -1, -1 }} to be skipped against the database with a version of {{ 11, 14, 0 }}.

            ccranfor@redhat.com Chris Cranford
            ccranfor@redhat.com Chris Cranford
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