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Enable Oracle connector to execute INITIAL_ONLY snapshot.mode


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      Debezium engine does not allow running Oracle connector in INITIAL_ONLY snapshot mode as yet. 
      I'd like the connector to run initial consistent snapshot of the DB and exit without initiating or waiting for streaming changes similar to other connectors (mysql, postgresSQL, SQL server etc) support for INITIAL_ONLY mode.

      I have started working on the below changes as per my understanding of INITIAL_ONLY snapshot mode from other connectors:

      1) Add a new Snapshot mode (INITIAL_ONLY) in OracleConnectorConfig.SnapshotMode with includeData= true and shouldSnapshotOnSchemaError=false

      2) In LogMinerStreamingChangeEventSource.execute method check if the connectorConfig.getSnapshotMode() == INITIAL_ONLY, then return to stop streaming.

      3) flush the logWriter with currentScn to update redoLogs on server and log streamingMetrics.

      Please suggest if above steps would suffice the changes needed to run Oracle connector in INITIAL_ONLY mode. 

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