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MongoDB ExtractNewDocumentState SMT overwrites existing document ID field


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      We encounter an undesired behaviour of the SMT given the following input documents (other props removed for brevity):

      MongoDB original document:

          "_id" : ObjectId("61af15fcac9f5896f6c2d03f"),
          "id" : "CRSRF-a610fbe0-be92-4dbf-b333-e2c76f71f361"
          "vendor_id": "a610fbe0-be92-4dbf-b333-e2c76f71f361",

      Document in Kafka topic:

        "id": "61af15fcac9f5896f6c2d03f",
        "vendor_id": "a610fbe0-be92-4dbf-b333-e2c76f71f361",

      Please note, that the SMT decides to overwrite the `id` property in the resulting document due to here and here.

      Although the schema of the document is not well designed, I would argue, that DBZ should not overwrite document properties by default. I would either assume that this is configurable (e.g. write _id in to doc as "foo") or at least should be behind a toggle.

      jpechane and I had a conversation about this here and we agreed that I hand in a patch that makes the behaviour configurable, keeping the current behaviour as its default for backwards compatibility.

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