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Allow adhoc snapshots using signals in Oracle versions prior to 12c


      In recent versions of Debezium, new tables can be added by running ad hoc snapshots using something like the below in the config and then adding a signal table:


      When using this in Oracle 11g, the snapshot fails with the following error:

      From what I can see, this is because the method that builds this select is structured like below:

           .append(" ORDER BY ")
           .append(" FETCH NEXT ")
           .append(" ROWS ONLY");

      This is an issue in Oracle 11g and earlier versions as the "FETCH NEXT" syntax is not supported until 12c.
      Would it be possible to either amend this so that it can run in both newer and older vOracle versions or have some sort of flag to cater for <12c Oracle versions?  I've listed as an enhancement as I see that 11g is not officially supported in current Debezium versions.

      I believe there is also an option to do the signals using Kafka instead, however, we're using Debezium Server and trying to implement a Kafka-less environment.


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