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Being able to snapshot only CDC-enabled tables



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      I have a requirement that the SQL Server connector should capture all tables except for the temporary ones, e.g. created by support engineers. There's currently no solid naming convention for such tables but I know that they will not have CDC enabled for them.

      I see some inconsistency in the snapshotting implementation with regards to CDC-enablement:

      1. If a table has CDC enabled, then the connector will snapshot only those columns for which CDC is enabled. This makes the result of snapshotting and streaming consistent and makes sense.
      2. If a table does not have CDC enabled, then the connector will not filter the table columns and snapshot all of them. This behavior makes the snapshotting/streaming results inconsistent and is inconsistent with the previous point.

      As discussed in Zulip, the current behavior was implemented iteratively, and the inconsistency described above is not entirely by design.

      I propose that we introduce a new configuration parameter that would preserve the existing behavior and let the user use the new one. The new parameter could be named snapshot.cdc.disabled.tables with the default of true.




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