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Suspected inconsistent documentation for 'Ad-hoc read-only Incremental snapshot'


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    • 1.9.0.Alpha2
    • 1.7.0.Final
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      According to the document:https://debezium.io/documentation/reference/1.7/connectors/mysql.html#_ad_hoc_read_only_incremental_snapshot

      An alternative way to signalling table mechanism to execute a new snapshot when the MySQL connection is read-only is to send a message to the Kafka topic configured with signal.kafka.topic property.
      The key of the Kafka message has to match the connector’s name.
      The value is a json with type and data fields.The signal type is execute-snapshot and the data field must have the following fields:Table 4. Execute snapshot data fields

      It described that the key of the Kafka message has to match the connector’s name.


      From the test log, i found found that database.server.name needs to be passed in instead of connectorName .

      2021-10-20 10:26:18,141 INFO   MySQL|debezium.sync.sr_test_mysql_master_1_gz_cvte_cn_3306|streaming  Signal key 'debezium_sync_mysql_source_connector_sr_test_mysql_master_1_gz_cvte_cn_3306' doesn't match the connector's name 'debezium.sync.sr_test_mysql_master_1_gz_cvte_cn_3306'   [io.debezium.connector.mysql.signal.KafkaSignalThread]


      Document error or code bug?

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