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Database.include.list results in tables being returned twice


      The 'database.include.list' property makes the connect service look twice in a database, resulting in 'table.include.list' removing the tables to be included.

      Expected behaviour:
      The connector should include the table specified in 'table.include.list'.

      The database.include.list creates some kind of conflict with the table.include.list property, as it results in the connect service looking twice for the table. This ends up with the below output in TRACE logs.

      connect_1        | 2021-06-23 09:25:43,852 TRACE  Postgres|reporting|snapshot  Adding table repo.report to the list of capture schema tables   [io.debezium.relational.RelationalSnapshotChangeEventSource]
      connect_1        | 2021-06-23 09:25:43,853 TRACE  Postgres|reporting|snapshot  Ignoring table repo.report as it's not included in the filter configuration   [io.debezium.relational.RelationalSnapshotChangeEventSource]

      What can be observed in above snippet is that the connect service starts off with including the table that i specified in my connector, but then immediatly excludes it.

      A possible explanation may be due to the query executed to gather the table names returning my table twice with different catalog names.

      This behaviour can only be observed on Debezium 1.5 and above.

      I have attached the connector that resulted in this bug

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