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Support capturing changes from multiple PDBs with one connector



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      In an effort to continue to standardize the Oracle connector like others, we should look to introduce database include/exclude lists while deprecating the use of database.pdb.name.

      This brings about several benefits, most notably that it allows a single connector to support streaming changes across multiple pluggable databases on Oracle without needing to deploy different connectors. By using a single connector rather than multiple, you reduce the LogMiner overhead on the system while also keeping log generation in check when wanting to track DDL changes.

      I propose that these database include/exclude lists are only applicable when the database is deployed in container database mode. When CDB is not active, these settings make no sense given that you have 1 single database then, so effectively database include/exclude lists would translate to Oracle pluggable database / container database include/exclude lists supporting things like CDB$ROOT, ORCLPDB1, etc.

      While this may be somewhat straight forward with LogMiner, its important to remember that for Xstream, some of this configuration is specified when creating the XOUT server in PL/SQL and so this may have less impact overall on that adapter than LogMiner.


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