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Add support for Postgres Json and Jsonb array columns


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      With test table in postgresql:
      CREATE TABLE public.test_table(
      id bigserial NOT NULL,
      test_info _jsonb NULL,
      CONSTRAINT test_table_pkey PRIMARY KEY(id)
      After running kafka connect with debezium connector get next warnings in log:
      [2020-04-17 12:50:05,846] WARN Unexpected JDBC type '2003' for column 'test_info' that will be ignored (io.debezium.relational.TableSchemaBuilder:391)

      [2020-04-17 12:50:05,847] WARN No converter found for column public.test_table.test_info of type _jsonb. The column will not be part of change events for that table. (io.debezium.relational.TableSchemaBuilder:326)

      Have no workaround for this because can't affect the source.

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