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Debezium Oracle connector attempting to analyze tables


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      The Oracle plugin is attempting to execute 'analyze table' commands on other tables/schemas that aren't even in our whitelist.

      Is there a way to bypass this? This is not desirable (will take a long time to execute, and is not even the correct way to gather statistics in 11g/12c).

      java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
      Caused by: Error : 1031, Position : 22, Sql = analyze table MYSCHEMA.MYTABLE compute statistics, OriginalSql = analyze table MYSCHEMA.MYTABLE compute statistics, Error Msg = ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

      Also-where can one pull the source code for the Oracle connector? It is not on github as far as I can tell...I can see the source for other Debezium DB connectors, but not Oracle

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