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Refresh some EC2 nodes in the rsync.stream.centos.org pool


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      Our monitoring system informed us (before company shutdown) that some of the ec2 nodes in the rsync.stream.centos.org (initially shared with msync.centos.org) are reaching disk limit

      These are old and legacy ec2 instances that were deployed with centos linux 7 and without lvm support for addition ebs volume.

      As combined stream and non stream content on these nodes is now reaching the max capacity of single ebs volume (not using gpt label so 2TiB) we need to :

      • identify nodes that need to be migrated
      • deploy new larger ec2 nodes (with second larger EBS volume , and in a volumegroup)
      • transfer/rsync content
      • promote new nodes in rsync.stream.centos.org pool (dns backend)
      • decommission older/legacy ec2 nodes

            farrotin@redhat.com Fabian Arrotin
            farrotin@redhat.com Fabian Arrotin
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